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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)
Monday, October 24, 2016 - 20:12
Our contributors are anonymous due the the threat of violence and other forms of aggression used by the groups we expose. The information on this website is a collaboration of articles written by people, industries and communities, united by common sense. If you have been unfairly treated by these groups or their foot soldiers, we would like to hear from you. All communitcation will treated with the utmost privacy. See our privacy statement,
Animals Australia Scam Charity

Animals Australia is now a 5.5 million dollar animal rights machine that enjoys the benefits of charity status while not contributing 1 cent to animal welfare.

Animals Australia Registered Charity No. A0020071Z the Animal rights political organisation has slipped into the charity sector, who's sole activity is conducting political activities to shut down all meat industries and end all medical and veterinary advancement that benefits from animal research. Animal lovers out there who thought their money is spent on animal welfare outcomes should see how their money is really spent by the now rebadged "Animal Protection Organisation". This is known as animal rights gradual abolitionism or an arm of the animal rights movement, animal protection.

One would think that the $5.5 million revenue, $2.1 million of campaign costs, $1 million for political activities and $1.1 million spent on staff wages and $3.7 million in highly liquid assets would deliver massive animal welfare outcomes? Many claims of animals being "saved" or "protected" on the Animals Australia website, but no outcomes delivered. 150 puppies rescued in 2013, but rehomed by other organisations. That's 5.5 million dollars that will never reach a pet shelter.

Animals Australia now admit to being an "Animal protection" group. Animal rights groups are specifically excluded from deductable gift receipant status by the ATO, but Animals Australia, by claiming to be a charity has enjoyed over $1 million of tax exemptions over the last few years, gained by deception and giving their political agenda an advantage. If Animals Australia is a charity, then the MLA, the chicken lobby group, the APL and the egg board are charities too, but all political organisations are excluded from calling themselves a charity for good reason. In the complete absense of animal welfare outcomes, lack of vetanarian expertise, animal food, shelter or animal handling activities or training, what are their charitable outcomes?

The charitable activities of Animals Australia, include the ongoing endorsement of their associate members NSW Animal liberation run by Mark Pearson and ACT Animal Liberation who have stated they will continue to break and enter, commits acts of larceny, intimidation, harassment against law abiding Australia citizens. Far from denouncing the activities of her member societies, Lyn White defends her "heros" as victims who had no choice because the farmers have not been transparent, blaming the victims of these crimes. Animals Australia endorses the Animal LIberation Front through it's facebook page, which is global terrorist organisation responsible for 30 terrorist attacks in the US over the last 10 years and causing injury to people and children in the UK. Elloborate ad campaigns using celebrity endorsement, animals with human characteristics and pigs that fly are not out there to improve animal welfare, but make you feel morally inferior for the diet you choose, and to shut all meat industries down removing your choice as a consumer. The few cases of animal abuse and photoshoped picutres are used to misrepresent entire industries to destroy them. Animals Australia is not advocating for better animal welfare, but veganism and all animal industries complete demise. While the actions of Animals Australia has highlighted cases of animal abuse, this charity never contributed to delievering better animal handling or training. Their political intervention into the live export trade resulted in the overstocking of animals in northern Australia ahead of a shocking drought and 100 million dollars in tax payers money.

While voiceless attempted to destroy the integrity and accountability of the word charity "Requiring
that a charity have an ‘exclusively’ charitable purpose sets too high a standard. A more appropriate requirement would be that a charity must be ‘established for charitable purposes only’ or be one ‘that promotes a charitable purpose only’. " - Voiceless. Animals Australia has delivered a perfect blend of looking like a charity, but never being accountable as a charity or having a benevolent cause. Attempting to change people's perception of animal welfare is not a charitable cause, but a political one. Most Australians and meat eaters have a good understanding of what "cruel" is, and don't need to be told by the vegan moral police they have it wrong.

All funds are raised to shut down animal enterprises. Protesting the animals existence is their preferred method of achieving perfect animal welfare outcomes. Animals Australia are deceiving the Australian public and ruining the integrities of all charities. Anti-farming campaigers are not charities. Charities rely on the food that farmers grow. We need to let the assitance treasurer know that the word "charities" needs to be protected in Australia. The longer the government endorses Animal rights groups as charities, the bigger the scam gets. Animal Protection groups as with all animal rights groups need to be excluded from the charity definition.

You can contact the assistant treasurer Senator Arthur Sinodinos at

I like the message but needs some editing/spelling which I have done. We in Victoria re under attack under the guise of Puppy Farming legislation