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Animals Australia triggers industries death by a million sound bites

Animals Australia has been in exisitance since the year 2000. The original founder was originally called the Australian and New Zealand Fed eration of Animal Societies (ANZFAS). Now with huge financial backing from Jan Cameron, owner of chains Go-Lo's, Chicken Feed, Sam's Warehouse and Crazy Clarks, Animals Australia has been able to pour millions into ad campaigns designed to destroy animal related industries. Animals Australia's popularity is exaggerated by alleged spam, its slick lobbying to appear as a charity/mainstream and Jan Cameron's millions.

Still not convinced that Animals Australia is an animal rights lobby group? No matter how much slick advertising they do, their past will still remain. The ABC news once used to refer to the group as Australia peak animal rights group, but has been wooed over by their very emotive ad campaigns and shocking footage of animal cruelty. The RSPCA also has helped blur the lines between animal welfare and animal rights by siding with Animals Australia in campaigns that seek to destroy animal related industries. The RSPCA have a habbit of interferring in other industries in which they are not stack holders, but have a strong financial interest to black market specific meat industries, as they collect lucrative royalties off their RSPCA brands.

"Side by side with growing legislative protection of native fauna has come an increase in animal liberation. Biologists frequently observe in nature that what is good for the individual is harmful to the species. Because of this, animal liberationists are often pitted head-on  with those interested in ecosystem conservation. With animal rights increasingly being incorporated into the law, it becomes ever more difficult to manage ecosystems as a whole. Today, the Royal society  for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals feels quite justified in telling National Parks authorities how to run their management programs. This is a truly appalling state of affairs which cannot last if Australian ecosystems are to survive intact.
Viewed this way, the period from the 1950's through to the end of the 1980's has seen a backwards march from the goal of developing an environmentally attuned Australian culture." - - Tim Flannery, The Future Eaters, pg 404

Disrupting industries in which Animal Rights groups are not stack holders in is what Animals Australia does best. In an attempt to shut down all Australia zoos, disgruntled Oojges states
"The director of the Australian and New Zealand Fed eration of Animal Societies (ANZFAS), Ms Glenys Oojges, said that in the 1990s education and conservation were desperate justifications for zoos like Taronga. "Really, the only justification for zoos is human entertainment," she said. "And with the deprivations zoos cause animals, I don't think that is adequate justification. "

Glynes Oojges and Lyn White are not a stakeholders in any animal related industry. They are vegans who seek to shut down all animal related industries. All donations sent to this "charity" is spent on vegan advertising, not assisting in animal welfare. If you want to find out more about animal welfare, ask a veterinarian, not a vegetarian.