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Pigs do fly at Animals Australia

In one of the most bizarre ad campaigns the animal rights organisation Animals Australia has created yet, with creepy animation that humanises chickens and pigs, we are lead to believe that "factory farming" or intensive farming is the source of all evil. Animals with freedom and living "naturally" seems to be the agenda of the animal liberationists who no doubt live in open paddocks themselves, exposed to the elements while the dog-eat-dog laws of nature take control of their lives... Well, maybe not.

One point we can agree on with Animals Australia is that most Australians DO rely on the intensive industries for their chicken, pork, eggs. The intensive industries allow farmers to protect their animals from the elements, disease and preditors, but this is not good enough for Animals Australia. They are very clear about what farming and industries they disapprove of which is every industry involved with animals, but are unclear on what they DO approve of. Clearly and repeatly, Animals Australia has demonstrated its politcal motive, somehow registered as a charity with the Australian Tax Office, but strangely offers NO animal welfare services.

A small P.S. to the celebrities who support Animals Australia... Claire Hooper, Dave Hughes, Hugh Sheridan, Judith Lucy, Katrina Warren, Michael Caton, Michelle Bridges, Mick Molloy, Missy Higgins, Pat Rafter, Peter Siddle, Rove McManus, Simone Buchanan, Santo Cilauro. Are you ready to imagine an Australia that has NO medical reasearch that benefits from animals, no affordable protein, a degraded Australian environment as a result of over indulgent free-range farming and forced veganism across the country? Have you actually thought about what you ARE advocating rather than what you are NOT advocating?

missy higgins

So to my esteemed audience who does not rely on logical fallacies such
at "nature knows best", "all human interferance must be evil", "shoot the messenger" and "science has nothing to do with animal welfare", feel free to donate to campaign so pigs can fly.

I will be donating food and blankets to my local animal welfare shelter that does improve the welfare of animals.