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Animals Australia makes the improbable possible

How does a "charity" who's foundation is based on "If you become a vegan, you improve animal welfare", which provides no direct animal welfare get millions of public dollars? Only if you can make the improbable possible. Foodmythbusters reviews  Animals Australia's charitable status, activities and consequent tax exemptions. Maybe no different to a Grimms fairytale where the main character  with improbable characteristics,  purports as a good guy (a charity) to gain the tax expemtions and yet simutaneously deceives the public for political lobbying purposes that have no benevolent outcomes. A Grimm ending indeed. What is the real outcome of "Making it Possible?"

Animals Australia (AA) is an animal rights group which has the predominant activity of political lobbying to the public or directly to the government. This is highlighted by their most recent activity to shut down intensive agriculture, ban live exports, shooters or the Melbourn Cup. The Animals Australia website is devoted to campaigns to shut down ALL animal related activities on

Animals Australia has no measurable animal welfare outcomes. They run no shelters, nor do they donate money to "hands on" animal refuges. They do not provide or promote animal handling training or  veterinary services which are the most influential factor of animal welfare. Animals Australia measure animal welfare by how many people become vegan, even though Australia's meat consumption is rising.

The communities perception of animals are not changed by having cute fluffy animals on webpages with humanised characteristics, or being shown shocking acts of animal cruelty. Australians do not condone animal cruelty. All campaigns it launches are designed to change peoples perception of animal welfare and current legislation by appealing to the emotive side of the argument and rushing legislation through. Lyn White took eight weeks to show the Agricultural minister the footage she got from Indonesia filmed by a British theatre company, obviously not in a hurry to improve animal welfare, but to organise a political rally. The live export industry was shut down in two weeks. Regardless of how well the cattle industry improves animal welfare this Animal Rights lobby group will never stop lobbying until all meat industries are shut down.

Animals Australia will never be satisfied at the most humane treatment of animals. Offer Lyn White or Glenys Oogjes the most humanely produced chop. They won't eat it or condone Australians eating meat.

Animals Australia's perception of welfare is different from the accepted definition. Animals Australia believes that animals should not be used for human gain at all, and the only way you can live cruelty free is to be vegan and use no animal products. It has a zero tolerance to all animal farming practices and animal research in the educational literature it produces. Their narrow welfare definition revolves around the state of the animal (i.e its feelings) and promotes liberation. It sees any form of housing for an animal as cruel, but largely ignores the areas of nutrition, health, and animal husbandry. Welfare that does not consider the whole picture can have a detrimental outcome for the animal. The most influential factor in animal welfare are the staff, pet owners and animal handlers themselves, not the housing system. There is also a complete lack of veterinarian presence at AA, but AA has an army of animal rights lawyers willing to defend people who break and entering in the quest to find acts of animal cruelty.

The major difference between animal rights and animal welfare can best be taken from the following American perspective.

"The American Veterinary Medical Association's commitment to animal welfare is unsurpassed. However, animal welfare and animal rights are not the same. AVMA cannot endorse the philosophical views and personal values of animal rights advocates when they are incompatible with the responsible use of animals for human purposes, such as food and fiber, and for research conducted to benefit both humans and animals."

 A vegan Australia that has no animals is unrealistic. Only a minority of people seeking to impose their views onto others believe it is in the Australian public interest to have no animal agriculture.

The public promotion of shocking animal welfare conditions that bad operators have allowed to happen is designed to discredit the entire industry, not protect the animals that are suffering. This organisation is mistrustful of governments, farmers, medical researchers and even pet owners.

CEO Glenys Oogies has no trust in any farmers. "Even at the best practice farm. It's impossible to know. ". -Piggy in the middle (The weekend advertiser)

Animals Australia's board of directors and members are on as many Animal welfare boards as possible as a way to constantly lobby for a vegan Australia, not improve animal welfare. They advocate free range and organic farming systems as opposed to intensive farming, which frequently have higher on-farm mortality rates, but even these types of farming systems are not immune to the vegan agenda. These aggressive attacks on agriculture will result in lowering the regions food security and potentially catastrophic environmental outcomes.

Animal rights propaganda is the exact opposite of philanthropic purpose. It improves the rights of animals by lowering the rights of people, humanising animals, an extreme ideology that puts the life of a lab rat before a cancer patient (see references). Volunteering people for future
suffering is dehumanising and anti-humanitarian. Since Animals Australia's conception in 2004,
measurable animal welfare outcomes are negligible. Animals Australia targets vulnerable children, who are not capable of distinguishing between animal rights and welfare. All of Animals Australia's money is spend on advertising, marketing and employment.

Here are some examples of their questionable activities found on the forum and the Some ctions are direct, some are by AA members:
The "Make it possible" vegan agenda will have the following outcomes:
  • deforestation caused by our population needing more protein resources
  • a population malnourished and starving as ruminant grazing animals do not exist
  • Soil degradation caused by small, subsistence or over stocked free range farming.   if free range farming of animals is even allowed.
  • All intensive agriculture is banned. The welfare issues remain on old Mac Donalds farm as the largest determination of welfare are the owners and handlers. Food becomes more expensive and meat non-existant.
  • No recreational pets or animal related activities
  • No medical research that involves animals. Most vaccines would be banned.
The outcomes of Animal rights groups is contradictory to the cancer councils, environmental charities and charities design to alleviate suffering, poverty and malnutrition in Australia.
 Australia needs charities that act in the public interest, meet the expectation of their stated outcomes and have genuine benevolent outcomes, otherwise it will undermine the public's confidence to give to any
Australian charity. To deceive the public for the purpose of political propaganda degrades the reputation of all charities.

We would like to seek a tax review of Animals Australia's charitable status, activities and consequent tax exemptions. Charities should not ever be used vehicle to evade tax and deceive the public for political lobby groups.



CEO Glenys Oogies has no trust in any farmers. "Even at the best practice farm. It's impossible to know. ". -Piggy in the middle (The weekend advertiser)

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Bright Side Sanctuary is where Animals Australia's rescued animals end up. They provide a school pack to children that introduce them to dehumanising ideology.

"When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy."
--Ingrid Newkirk - known arsonist. Links with Animal Liberation Front on FBI's most wanted terrorist list.


Example of blogs from Animals Australia's foot soldiers on the unleashed forum

This is a youth describing his new tattoo on the Unleashed forum.

"To compliment the upper arm piece I want a portrait of my dog, framed on my inner forearm. Under the portrait, a white rose symbolizing The White Rose (student anti-NAZI organization) to symbolize that we need to make sacrifices, sometimes the ultimate, to do what is right." -
Matt, Y , VIC- Animals Australia and  Animal Liberation Youth member www.unleashed 24 Jun 2009

"Well I started screaming at my teacher. Then she was saying comments like silly, eat meat like an Aussie, so I threw a chair at her" - unleashed blogger
"Anger is alot more powerful than apathy" - unleashed blogger
"I have been diagnosed with psychotic depression....Hate the human race. Would take animals over humans any day" - unleashed blogger
"Yes, I'm vegetarian since 11 years old" - unleashed blogger