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Animals Australia declares war on animal sheds

With Animals Australia's agressive "Make it possible" campaign to shut down all "factory farming", which we assume means any animals in a shed, (don't get too smug RSPCA approved farms, you are included too), we wonder what the animals are thinking when the "not so secret" vegans come raiding and aggressively campaign to shut the family farm they are raised on. Poor Coles memory lapse that one of their major trading partners are the farmers, so in a panic, we blame the only perceived non-trading partner we can think of "live export". The only problem with this is sometimes they are the same farmers, who trade with Coles. If you are as confused as why a retailer would fundraise for an animal rights group which only "charitable purpose" is to shut down animal enterprises by any means neccesary,  I bet they are really grateful and confused at the same time. If the animals could talk, I'm sure they would say thanks Animal Liberationsist for:

  • playing the victim of the farming lobby while you aggressively attempt to such 80% of the meat market down, that's meat that Coles sells.
  • being so understanding of consumer choices and understanding farmers can choose who they trade with.
  • making sure I don't exist so no animal or human can benefit from eating meat.
  • giving me no real alternative to my shed and putting me out into the sunshine and the Australian heat while the crows peaked the eyes out of my babies and I got sunburnt
  • waking me up in the middle of the night, scaring me, making me think is was dinner time, filming me screaming and have me sit down in the dark and kill more of my babies
  • destroying my chicken shed, food and watering system and killing me and 5000 of my friends
  • being part of the 1% vegan population in Australia, while the world meat consumption in developing nations with lower welfare standards grows at 2.3% annually
  • For not eating the most humanely produced chop in the world because "Even at the best practice farm'? "It's impossible to know"
  • all the millions of dollars you receive from the public for animal protection and somehow not spending any of it on animal health, food, shelter or refuge.

I hope you all are confused and as grateful as the animals of Australia are today.