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NSW Animal Liberation

Mark Pearson director of the  NSW Animal Liberation is the organisation responsible for acts of break and enter, laceny, coersion, harassment and intimidation on farmers in NSW. He is unrepentant. They want your family farm to shut down.
Mark Pearson is featured on an interview with the Animal Liberation Front for his "direct action", an group listed as a terrorist organisation by the FBI. He is now a candidate of the vegan political party called the Animal Justice Party.
If you don't want a drone flying over your farm, or someone break and entering into your business, frightening your animals or children just to make a better vegan advertisement, do not support the following businesses that sponsor NSW Animal liberation OR the Animal Justice Party. Feel free to write to these businesses and let them know what your think and people in your community think about their "so called" ethical business practices. ,

Please feel free to contact with information on businesses that support the activities of these organisations.