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Australia's first violent charity

For the first time in Australia's history, we now have a charity promoting violence against large sections of the Australian community.

kicking ass

Animal's Australia's forum for youth, the unleashed site where like minded vegans, wannabe vegans or people raising babies as vegans can discuss their hatred towards farmers and meat eaters.

These forums as well as facebook are used to promote the break and enter into farms and abbotoirs by Animals Australia's and it's associate members (NSW and ACT Animal liberation)  and justifying why hate is a powerful motivator for the animal rights movement than even consideration for the animals themselves. The promotion of the animal rights ideology that justifies breaking legal and social boundaries due to it's morally superior position along with not so subtle messages that promote violence against law abiding citizens, has resulted in further tension and risk of someone being seriously harmed or injured. The constant harrassment, (late night phone calls), stalking, breaches of privacy, breaking and entering have taken their toll on people in the farming community to the point where they feel they have nothing to lose and will use their rights to defend themselves and their families if threatened again.

I would really to ask Lyn White and Glenys Oojges, who's ass (not arse?) are you going to kick and who's going to get smacked by a baseball bat being held by the not so innocent looking chicken if they don't comply to your vegan animal rights views? The farmers, their children, the abbotoir owners, pet owners, Melbourne Cup followers, butchers, meat eaters or just anyone who condones the use of animals for their benefit? Who should feel threatened to shut down their businesses for the 2% vegan minority that seeks to promote violence as a means to achieve their outcomes? To date, Animals Australia has never publicly condemned these actions or activities and has endorsed them as heroic by continuing the associate memberships of their foot soldiers.

The president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Steve Hambleton says advocating "a vegan
or vegetarian diet for all is an extreme view". Animals Australia's vegan goals are not only extreme for the entire Australian population, but they seek to destroy all Australian and some overseas meat industries. And they have once succeeded in this quest, costing the live trade export industry and tax payers millions of dollars. The one point that both the meat industries and animal activists can agree on, it that the cruel practices of those abbotoirs should be stopped. The industry has improved the animal welfare and quality assurance systems. But the animal rights groups continue to demand a complete shut down of all meat industries, demanding utopian standards. Utopian standards cannot be achieved anywhere, even if you are running a hospital. Mistakes are made, crimes are committed, but we don't demand the complete shut down of all hospitals as a cure. 

The government needs to take a second look at who is calling themselves a charity. Many charities rely on the crops and animals that farmers grow and lab rats that have advanced our vaccines, antiboitics and cures. This kind of behaviour puts a sour note over every charity in Australia and gives many the excuse not to donate at all. All charities that rely on a strong and solid definition of the word charity that has geniune benevolent outcomes should be outraged by it's abuse by animal rights activists.

If you ask an animal activist about animal welfare, you will learn that what you had for breakfast is more important. If you want to find out about how good the animals day has been, if they got fed, had access to vet care and who is taking care of them, ask a farmer. You can ask questions on facebook pages such as "As an Aussie Farmer". There is plenty of transparent information online about Australian farming.