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Charity Animals Australia joins forces with terrorist organisation

Animals Australia has sunk to a new low by endorsing members of the Animal Liberation Front, a US based terrorist organisation. As Australia's first violent charity that endorses the illegal behaviour by it's associate members this move is hardly surprising.  The ALF member is being tagged by the official facebook page of Animals Australia who seems to be Animals Australia's new flavour of the month.

Luigi Luigi Forero, a vindictive indivdual who is fully endorsed by Animals australia as the facebook administrator tags him several times on their posts. Animals Australia proudly promotes their partnership. These are some of his "peaceful" comments.

"Fuck you killing innocent animals that's disgusting you fuck up
communist government you the ones who vote yes will get karma in your families so in your love ones wtf why are you so fucking sick 666 you are evil !!!"
Respect animal rights world full of shit !!!"
copy : chna and many asian countries should be ashamed of themselves.these people will pay heavy one day..."
proud to be a member of the Animal liberation front "

But what is the new partnership going to result in? Is Animals Australia now out of frustration going to promote further "direct action" championed by the ALF and their associate members NSW and ACT Animal liberation to bomb businesses, threaten more families and children, kill a farmer or medical researcher? On a blog started by Animals Australia's campaign director Jesse Marks using a different alias to hide his radical agenda claims the ALF have caused no injuries.  In the 1990's, the ALF in Britian
injured several people using letter bombs and envelopes rigged with
poisoned razor blades. Among the injured are a furrier and his three-year-old daughter They also kidnapped a journalist in 1998 and branded the letters "ALF" into his back.

The three terrorist organizations with the largest number of attacks on the US from 2001 to 2011 were the Earth Liberation Front (50), the Animal Liberation Front (34) and Al-Qaeda (4)

One can only speculate about the number of ALF members currently in Animals Australia. This is no small oversite by Animals Australia but a deliberate partnership to gain momentum for their animal rights cause by endorsing members who engage in intimidation tactics. No one at Foodmythbusters is holding their breath waiting for Lyn White or Glens Oogjes to publicly condemn violent actions by any of their members (associates or regular bloggers).

More vigilance and investigation is required of Animals Australia who purport being a charity that only uses peaceful means. Any reasonable person would think twice about exposing their children to such hateful people, and Animals Australia targets children specifically for grooming them into the animal rights ideology. Parents must be vigilant about what their children are watching on the Internet and who they are talking to. It's not all fluffy mascots and tofu icecream.