P.E.T.A People for the ethical treatment of animals. Penn and Teller tell it best. This video shows the link to the dehumanising ideology and how it is a slippery slope towards violent extremism.

Warning strong language warning.

P.E.T.A. gets onioned

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Here are our current ads to help Australians understand the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.

This video is a warning to parents and educators that animal rights groups have access to school children and are giving them a fact challenged education on animals and agriculture.


Organic farm responsible for German food poisoning

Promoted heavily by Animal Rights lobbyists and Organic food activists, organic food is healthier. Not any more.

The largest food poisoning outbreak in modern European history has been traced back to a small organic farm in Northern Germany.

Animals Australia and the RSPCA share a proud moment

Now, at Food Myth Busters, we try and educate the public that 99% of the time, you are going to rely on a farmer for what you eat. But it seems down at the Church of Animals Australia and the RSPCA they are teaching something quite different. Word of advice dear, don't cuss out the farmers with your mouth full.

RSPCA pride

Our Mission

First and foremost, Food Myth Busters respects and seeks to preserve every individuals right to choose what food they put in their mouth. Australia is lucky to have such a diverse choice in food sources. However, in our modern country, there are an extraordinary amount of baseless claims made about the food we eat.


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