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Animals Australia finally comes clean over being an animal rights group

Animals Australia is now a self proclaimed "animal protection organisation" which is the incrimental arm to animal rights.

Animal protectionism is not about animal welfare, but about changing the perception of non-human animal interests.

Animals Australia makes the improbable possible

How does a "charity" who's foundation is based on "If you become a vegan, you improve animal welfare", which provides no direct animal welfare get millions of public dollars? Only if you can make the improbable possible. Foodmythbusters reviews  Animals Australia's charitable status, activities and consequent tax exemptions.

Animals Australia's hidden motive.

Ban Live Export? What Animals Australia don't want you to know

Duck Hunting -Animal Welfare vs Corporate Animal Right


RSPCA stands for Animal Welfare within Australia, or does it?

A Northern cattle producers perspective…………….

When we watched the show we had just been through one of the worst Droughts in living memory where native shrubs, trees, kangaroos, frogs
and snakes died in the immense heat and cattle caught in the Rangelands, were those that had not been able to get to Indonesia.

Eat the chicken, or I'll kill another

Even Ali G gets it. Animal activists are hard core vegans. No matter how humanely an animal is raised, They simply won't eat it as it's a violoation of animal rights NOT WELFARE!



P.E.T.A People for the ethical treatment of animals. Penn and Teller tell it best. This video shows the link to the dehumanising ideology and how it is a slippery slope towards violent extremism.

Warning strong language warning.

P.E.T.A. gets onioned

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Here are our current ads to help Australians understand the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.

This video is a warning to parents and educators that animal rights groups have access to school children and are giving them a fact challenged education on animals and agriculture.


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